Christopher and Eileen Pargola

April 28, 2007

We would like to thank everyone who was able to contribute to the start of our lives together.  Thank you all for your generous gifts and kind words.  We hope that everyone had a blast on our special day . . . judging by the pictures, you did :)


When we selected our photographer, we chose an all digital package with two photographers.  Because of this, we were given the rights to all of the pictures.  Everyone is free to download and print all of the pictures contained on these pages.  If you ever have a problem having them printed professionally, please contact me and we can supply you with a copy of the letter giving us full rights to these photos. 


We would also like to note that there may appear to be duplicates of photos, but, in reality, it is the views of the two photographers.  This is why they have made an art out of Candid Shooting.  You can view their website here:

Candid Shooters




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